The Woolnut sleeve for the MacBook is premium on the outside, protective on the inside

Nothing is more gut-wrenching than to see a scratch or crack running across the front of your phone after it falls from your hand. Rasmus Englund, the founder of Woolnut, had a similar experience, having dropped his iPhone only to pick it up to see the camera module had a crack on its glass. The painful part about that experience was learning that Apple didn’t have a way of fixing the glass on the camera bump. The glass was permanently fused to the frame, and the only way to fix it was to replace the phone (for a pretty hefty sum of cash).

Millions of iPhones and MacBooks see their fair share of unavoidable accidental damage, and truth be told, an expensive-and-sleek device warrants proper protection… Which is what the guys at Woolnut set out to do. Combining fine vegetable-tanned full-grain Nappa leather with pure natural wool felt, Woolnut’s sleeves for the MacBook and cases for the iPhone are beautiful, bespoke, and most importantly, capable of protecting your expensive equipment from irreversible physical damage.

Pairing perfectly with the slim perfection of Apple’s MacBook, Woolnut’s laptop sleeve aims at adhering to the highest Scandinavian design standards too, with its precisely designed sleeves that fit the MacBook like a glove. Measured to the nearest millimeter, Woolnut’s sleeves are made specific to each MacBook model, given their thickness and dimensions over the years. This precision results in a sleeve that absolutely hugs your laptop, protecting it with a sheep wool interior, while giving it the sheer class of a premium cognac leather outer clad.

Woolnut’s sleeves even allow you to charge your laptop inside them, giving you functionality and protection in one cover-case… And the slim design is perfect for carrying either under your sleeve or even in your bag. Custom-built for each MacBook model, Woolnut’s sleeves age over time, as the leather develops a signature patina with use, giving the outer sleeve an antique finish, while your laptop remains as good as new!

Designer: Woolnut

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MacBook Leather Sleeve by Woolnut, is made from the best vegetable tanned full-grain Scandinavian leather, using an interior of the finest 100% natural wool felt.

The sleeves come in black and cognac brown leather colors and covers the entire MacBook series.

Wool & Leather Sleeve – Two Materials Meet

The Woolnut MacBook leather sleeve uses two of the most robust, natural and historically important core materials of all time; wool and leather. The source of the wool felt used in the leather sleeves from a specialist company in Germany. The designers have selected a slightly light natural grey color of wool felt, and this truly blends perfectly together with the vegetable tanned leather.

A high-end vegetable tanned leather that ages beautifully to create a lovely patina, has been used. Vegetable tanned leather is produced through the most traditional, characteristic and environmentally friendly tanning method of them all. All the MacBook covers are unique in its texture and character, since any variations in the leather are symptoms of life and time.

All our wool & leather sleeves for the Macbook series are manufactured in a small factory located in Chennai, India. The factory came to see the light of day as a part of a Swedish SIDA project many years ago.

All The MacBooks Covered

– MacBook Air 13 & Pro Touch Bar Sleeve Case (late 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019)
– MacBook Touch Bar 13 inch and 15 inch
– MacBook Pro 13 inch (late 2016 to 2019) without the Touch Bar
– MacBook Air 13 Retina Display 2018 and 2019
– MacBook 12 inch
– MacBook Air 13 inch
– MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch and 15 inch (2012-2015)
– MacBook Pro Touch Bar sleeves (late 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019)

Click Here to Buy Now: $97