Sensory Intelligent Toy for Tots

The first in the Hula Balu series of sensory children’s toys, Doodle is a plush pal that informs parents about little one’s health patterns. Using accelerometers and other sensors, the toy is able to measure vitals during play, including heart rate, temperature and sleeping patterns. Information is sent to parents’ tablet or mobile app for review and can easily be shared with a pediatrician. Vid after the jump!

Designers: Andres Santanilla Jaramillo & Rodrigo Miguel

Hula-Balu from Hula Balu on Vimeo.


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  • big says:

    it’s so nice,

  • janice says:

    as much as i like the toy, i hardly believe we need to bring technology to this extent into the domains of parenting.
    the situation doesn’t require it, frankly speaking.

  • Advisorboard says:

    Hello everyone.
    I like the motive behind the idea. This replaces other neurotic parental devices like the baby-monitor, or the teddy-bear camera. But as Janice mentioned. Is that all needed? Most urban parents remain busy and aren’t able to attend to the child, but I hardly believe this device can replace a baby-sitter or guardian. Technology, no matter how advanced, doesn’t replace humans. And definitely doesn’t account for good parenting.

  • frankie says:

    is it really necessary? kids end up using smartphones with more expertise than us by the time they reach the age of five. do we really need to involve more technology into their lives? are there kids dying in the world because they don’t have a toy that monitors their heard and sleep cycles?

  • grabby says:


    This toy is very good. i feel that as a mother of 2 I always struggled about keeping track of the babies health patterns. I really like the fact that this toy can keep track of the preasure, sleeping activity, temperature and more! I think it would be awesome to arrive into the doctor and be able to show him my baby performance. really good!

  • mif991 says:

    Good idea worth testing. But if the child does not like it or prefers other toys, its one expensive mistake, it seems.

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