Inspired by Westworld, the Am Hatsu is the world’s first split keyboard with an organic metal body

Look at the Am Hatsu keyboard and it instantly feels like it was fabricated by highly advanced robotic equipment. Part organic, part futuristic, the split keyboard was inspired by the sci-fi series Westworld. Its unique surface and key placement help relieve wrist pain while allowing you to sort of look like a cyborg as you browse the interwebs.

The Am Hatsu’s organically shaped metal surface is the result of 5-axis simultaneous CNC machining, an expensive fabrication technique that yields pretty remarkable results. The organic keyboard layout sits on a low-poly metal base, within which lies the keyboard’s internal hardware. The Am Hatsu runs on a low-frequency communication protocol that allows both keyboards to communicate with each other as well as your input device (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc) in real-time, ensuring that there’s absolutely zero lag between both keyboards while you type. “This ensures the best performance when it comes to power consumption, anti-interference ability, and latency”, says Angry Miao, the company behind Am Hatsu.

The keyboard was launched under Angry Miao’s “Make Art Not Tech” vision. It takes its inspiration from the intro sequence of HBO’s Westworld, where multiple specialized tissue-printing robots come together to build a living bionic man. The keyboard’s curved surface pays tribute to the sci-fi series while also aiming at enabling a much more comfortable typing experience by allowing your wrists to rest in their natural position. The unconventional 4×6 key layout also minimizes repeated movement of fingers, allowing you to type effortlessly.

The Am Hatsu is by no means your regular consumer-tech device. Its specialized manufacturing methods and state-of-the-art internals bring the keyboard’s price up to a mind-bending $1600 per unit. Early-bird purchasers will receive a special 20% discount by acquiring an NFT to authenticate their pre-order, although given how expensive it is to make one of these keyboards, your deposit is only eligible for a refund before July 29th – when production begins. The keyboard is limited to just 100 units in this initial run, so if you’ve got an arm and a leg to spare… although wait, you’ll need both arms to type!

Designer: Angry Miao