The IKEA-worthy multifunctional hourglass lamp is an inspiration for the furniture design industry

One of the greatest perks of my job is researching + understanding the trends that define the Industrial Design world in subtle yet significant ways. If we go by the latest IKEA x SONOS collaboration, the trend in furniture design is to create furniture design that goes beyond being only a piece of furniture, but instead be a well-crafted solution. The difference in both is whether you look at the set of 4 legs and one plank and see it as a table alone or a table that transforms into a chaise lounge when you want to take a nap! This transformative property makes the Hourglass Multifunctional Shelf a worthy winner of the A’ Design Award!

The hourglass shelf takes inspiration from the passage of time, and the functionality of the shelf changes throughout the day. Starting as a coat rack in the early mornings that holds your outdoor wear, the product’s main functionality becomes that of a shelf – to keep your knick-knacks in place. Finally, as the sun goes down, the design works as a detachable lamp, giving light and completing its cycle across the day. “The hourglass is the symbol of time, and the charm of time affects the tide-ups and downs, years change. The change of different roles reminds people to follow the direction of time, perceive the years and harvest exquisite life.” The detachable element of the lamp brings sheer joy to me! As a person surrounded by screens throughout the day, the lamp’s shape and portability make it almost meditative, a chance to literally disconnect and take some time off.

“One plus one is more than two” is the guiding principle behind every thought put into this design. Sure, it provides us with multiple functionalities, but it also creates an emotional connection with the interacting user by sparking joy. With the world leaning towards sustainability, the disposable approach of designing products is now passe. Given the direction mass-manufacturing giants like IKEA are taking (see their latest disassembly guide), the Hourglass Multifunctional Shelf is the perfect furniture design to join the IKEA must-buys. Certainly, given the multitude of usability this shelf provides, it passes the Marie Kondo test of sparking joy, making it a must-have in every home!

The Hourglass Multifunctional Shelf is the winner of the Silver A’ Design Award.

Designer: Ziel Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd