Easing hand tremors with the Gyroscopic Hand Stabiliser

Parkinson’s disease can lead to the individual having to carry-out their daily lives with tremors and shakes, whilst this makes carrying out an array of tasks difficult, it can also have a serious impact on the user’s confidence. This is where Tryro comes into play!

Using a trio of gyroscopic motors mounted within a sleek and futuristic wearable that dramatically wraps around the user’s hands, Tryro counteracts the shakes to stabilize the user’s hands and therefore induce a sense of confidence! Its designer, James Sanchez, recognized the various levels of tremors that an individual can have. To cater to this, a dial that’s located on the user’s wrist allows for adjustment of the gyroscopic motor’s speed!

What makes Tryro so unique is the medical aesthetic that it has managed to avoid. Considered details and an attractive form leads to a more desirable product and one which doesn’t carry the stigma of medical devices!

Designer: James Sanchez