This electric wheelchair is a smart ride sharing service designed for inclusive micro-mobility!

Mobility is a privilege we take for granted. Keeping in mind that there is a good portion of the demographic who can’t move about as freely as they wish, Italdesign created WheeM-i (Wheelchair Mobility Integration) – a proposal for the first-ever shared micro-mobility service for wheelchair users. It is a 100% electric, semi-autonomous carrier that brings the latest driving assistance technology and electric propulsion together for people with mobility restrictions who can now move around freely and easily because it makes otherwise unfriendly parts of the city more accessible!

WheeM-i is a collaboration between Italdesign and Etisalat and was displayed at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai as the equivalent of a bike-sharing system for wheelchairs. Users will be able to book their WheeM-i ride through a smartphone app, reach the closest hub and then get on board the vehicle. Just like other Bird, Lime, and other bike-sharing services, the user will return the vehicle to the closest hub around their destination. It features an integrated system that helps users avoid collisions with any fixed or mobile obstacles. The vehicle is also engineered in a way that it easily overcomes architectural barriers. The app enables users to interact with the device, other wheelchair users, other means of transport as well as other transport applications so that they can map the best possible route to get from A to B.

“As a company providing development services to the worldwide mobility industry, we strongly believe that future mobility must have a positive impact on everyone’s life. WheeM-i is part of this vision which we really hope to bring to reality,” said Italdesign CEO Jörg Astalosch. Micro-mobility designs and services like WheeM-i are giving the people on wheelchairs a whole new layer of independence in their lives.

Designer: Italdesign