The Fireguard

As simple as it is, the classic fire extinguisher is intimidating and confusing to use. It’s also cumbersome and large, meaning most people won’t keep it handy (if they keep one at all). The Fireguard was created to combat these problems with a compact, easier to use, friendly design that’s right at home in the kitchen where most fires start. See how it works —>

Fireguard is activated with a motion much more natural than pulling a pin- instead, simply pull the lever and you’re ready to go. The inside is also assembled with two separate canisters, allowing them to be individually refilled or recycled, so nothing has to be thrown away anymore.

Designer: Jon Grossman


  • Dan Etwas says:

    The pin is to keep it from going off, looks like this design would go of at a moments notice. Then again I’m not sure how many people are truly confuse by pull pin, aim and squeeze?

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