This packaging design gives the K-beauty industry the makeover it needs to be more sustainable!

The packaging design sector is getting a big makeover as more people start paying attention to and incorporating sustainable products in their lives. A South Korean beauty and pharmaceutical company, Kolmar Korea, has designed eco-friendly packaging made from paper for cosmetic products. Kbeauty is a super hot trend and it is taking over the world. With global demand for Korean beauty products, the waste generated is also at a global scale. Paper Tube is made from paper (love the clarity of the name!) and is specially designed for beauty creams that come in a tube.

The consistency of creams in tubes is a reason most brands and manufacturers avoid paper packaging citing lack of durability as their main reason. However, the Paper Tube packaging has been reinforced with a waterproof layer of coated paper that prevents it from getting soggy and it can also withstand the weight of up to 50 kilograms (110 pounds) ensuring durability during transport or storage. It can also be molded as per the needs of different brands and is looking to provide a realistic alternative to plastic or glass packaging that is usually used for liquid or paste-like products. Eco-friendly packaging is hard for products that are moist but Paper Tube addresses that design flaw making it a viable option. Another reason brands or manufacturers use plastic is because it is lighter and cost-effective compared to glass but using paper packaging like Paper Tube will provide the same benefits. The paper tube also lets consumers can access the last remaining formula contents by simply tearing up the used paper tube along the dotted line!

Kolmar Korea recently released a statement saying that 80% of the new eco-friendly package was made of paper but its cap that fits on the nozzle had to be produced in plastic – this is something we see in the best of packaging designs and are hoping someone comes up with an innovative solution for the cap too. A range of papers was used which gives the package various textures. The sleeves for the tube can be personalized with the branding of the company. The paper tube (even sealed with a plastic cap) marks a major environmental improvement for the cosmetic industry and can be used to package a whole range of personal care, health and beauty products.

Designer: Lee Je Min, Jung Jung Mo, and Kim Hee Yoon