These high-contrast photochromic ski-goggles help you hit the slopes like a pro

After a pretty successful campaign in 2018 with over 4500 backers, the guys at MessyWeekend are back with their latest ski-goggle design that boasts of increased visibility, a perfect fit, and an interchangeable lens system that lets you snap on and off lenses for the best experience. The new INUIT series comes with an option of two lenses, the XEp and the XE2, which have a spectacular wide-angled viewing range, along with a high-contrast coating that lets you see clearer than with regular glasses, and a revo-mirror coating that cuts out the glare so you can ski in broad sunlight without having to deal with the extra brightness. The XEp comes with an additional photochromic coating that regulates its tint depending on how sunny or how cloudy it is, so you have the best visibility through all weather conditions.

The lenses sit within the INUIT’s frame, a comfortable, robust TPU frame that comfortably rests against your face while you’re gliding down the slopes. The frame packs a ventilation feature to help your skin breathe while anti-fog coatings on the back of the lenses make sure they never become cloudy on the inside. The frame even comes with silicone-lined straps to make sure that the goggles sit securely on your face without moving around too much. The INUIT’s hero, however, are its lenses that snap on and off the frames. The lenses come with UV-A and UV-B protection, protecting you from prolonged UV exposure in the daytime, while the high-contrast coating uses contrast-enhancing dyes to help you see clearer, noticing terrain features in the flat-white snow. The XEp and XE2 lenses are made from tough Polycarbonate and feature a double-layered impact-resistant design that lets Inuit’s lenses last much longer than conventional ones. If you do need to change lenses, you can easily snap the old ones off and secure the new lenses onto the frame!

However, here’s the best part. The designers of the INUIT goggles don’t just want to create an impact within the skiing community, but rather want to impact the world on a larger scale. For each pair of goggles bought, MessyWeekend pledges to clean up 2 kilograms of plastic off the Pacific beaches in Colombia. In fact, with just their previous campaign they’ve managed to eliminate 9 tonnes of plastic, and an overall of 125 tonnes of plastic as a part of their plastic cleanup pledge! Who knew skiing on the mountains could help purify the oceans?!

Designer: Morten Heick

Click Here to Buy Now: $97 $150 (35% off). Hurry, only 5/310 left!

Inuit Snow Goggles with Photochromic, High Contrast Snow & Revo-mirror Lenses

These glasses come with all new XE2 & XEp patented lens technologies that bring you a new combination of high-quality features at low cost.

The XE2 Lens: High Contrast

The easy interchangeable XE2-lens is a dual-layered lens manufactured in grade 1 optical quality polycarbonate, which makes them both thin, light-weight, and practically unbreakable.

They provide a high-contrast view, and the violet base secures enhanced color recognition unveiling details normally invisible for the naked eye. With an XE2 lens, contrast-enhancing dyes are added to fine-tune the light spectrum and thereby increase contrasts and reduce glare, developed explicitly for snow sport and mountain conditions.

The XEp Lens: High Contrast and Photochromic

The XEp lens is a photochromic version of the XE2 lens, meaning it adapts to any weather condition, automatically. The lens reacts to a combination of sunlight and UV-rays, resulting in photochromic molecules constantly recalibrate as the light changes. This causes the lenses to darken in only up to 20 seconds when it is sunny and vise versa then the sun disappears.

During these rapid transitions, full UV400 protection is guaranteed. The team has manufactured the lens with a patented molded-in film technology, which ensures the highest optical quality, uniformed color change as well as weather resistance.

Check out the Danish national ski team coach -Frederik Højgaard – demonstrate the XEp lens.

Colorways: XE2 Revo-Mirror Coating

Weather Conditions: Visible Light Transmission of % of the Goggles



The Inuit frame is manufactured of a lightweight TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is both extremely flexible and durable while ensuring an excellent fit for all faces and helmets. The foam technology is triple-layered to ensure airflow for preventing fogging and comfort.

The Fit

The straps are easily interchangeable meaning you can change the look of the entire goggle in just two clicks. To ensure an even fresher look, we’ve used a matt-finish silicone for the logos. Also, the straps are fitted with triple silicone linings to prevent unwanted slipping.

Pro Straps – Limited Edition

Get these limited straps in the Pro-Package

The limited-edition pro straps are inspired by our hero and icon Glen Plake – the godfather of freestyle. You’ll easily recognize the same 80’s vibe in these straps as you get from the home shopping theme in the video.

Plastic Clean Up

To date the program 1=2 has resulted in 125 tons being collected from the Pacific beaches in Colombia. Of course this campaign is also part of the 1=2 program, meaning for every product the team sell, they will make sure that 2 kg of plastic waste is collected from the Pacific ocean.

Click Here to Buy Now: $97 $150 (35% off). Hurry, only 5/310 left!