Tent Life on the Singular

This right here is one heck of a four seasons tent. It’s basically a one-person shell that protects the user against the elements she or he is camping in. U.V. radiation tries to check in, but it’s denied. Vapor absorption also is rendered into low air flow for effective total isolation. In the back of the shell is a storage area for 80 Its of gear. The tent itself is 3.8 kg. You CAN fit in there.

It’s ALSO got three collapsable inner panels, zippers all alournd, and a nice yellow bee color. Easy fold up, easy fold down. Get camping in basically any condition.

Project Credits:
Industrial Design Team: Florencia Campos Correa I.D. www.ullvuna.cl
Industrial Design Team: Alvaro Poblete Poulsen, I.D. www.toolsid.com

Tech Assistance: Roger Kahler, Bayer Material Science, Canada
Tech Assistance: Paul Cassela, American Polyfilm USA
Tech Assistance: Mathias Kimmerle, Vaude, Germany

Designer: Alvaro Poblete Poulsen and Florencia Campos Correa

Outlife four seasons tent by Alvaro Poblete Poulsen and Florencia Campos Correa