This modular thin metal wallet will make your leather bifold feel ancient

The form and function of a wallet have evolved over time. Back when coins were the only form of currency, a pouch served the purpose of a wallet, letting you carry change and probably a few nuggets of gold on you. Banknotes forced the bifold wallet into existence, and payment cards helped it evolve and slim down. It’s 2021 and one could argue that the wallet needs to do and carry much more than it did a couple of decades ago. One could also say with all these functions, it wouldn’t be too bad if you could track your wallet too, right?

Meet Fantom R, a metal wallet that reinterprets how wallets should look and behave in the year 2021. It comes with a machined aluminum chassis that packs a world of function into an incredibly slim form. In its 9mm thick avatar, the Fantom R can hold 7 cards, banknotes, coins, or even 3 keys. It comes with built-in RFID blocking to protect you from digital theft, and an optional tracking device that prevents physical theft, and it makes your leather bifold look like it should belong in the museum.

The Fantom R wallet comes in 3 sizes (with a capacity ranging between 7, 10, and 13 cards), and you can build your own wallet to suit your exact needs. The first round of customization comes in the form of decorative plates that adorn the front and back of the wallet. You can choose between wooden plates, leather surfaces, or a chic carbon fiber panel to customize your wallet to your style (if you’re looking for something smoother, slicker, and sexier, Fantom even offers an all-metal Fantom S Wallet). To finish the aesthetic off, Fantom allows you to even customize your money clip, letting you choose from as many as 10 colors. Once you’ve given your Fantom R wallet its character, you can choose from 6 different modular upgrades that easily fit onto the wallet. The upgrades include a coin holder, an enclosed banknote holder (should you choose to not use the money clip), a key holder, a tracking device, an ID holder, or a silicone band. You can only install one module at a time, but that gives you the flexibility to pick and choose how your wallet functions. If carrying keys are a priority, the key-holder can contain as many as 3 keys that you can fold out and use when you need. If coins are a big necessity, that coin holder makes it easy to carry your change… and if you’re someone who tends to forget their wallet around, the tracker helps you locate your wallet using your phone.

The wallet’s thickness marginally changes based on how many cards it can accommodate. The 7-card Fantom R is about as slim as your smartphone, allowing it to easily slide into your pockets without creating that ‘wallet bulge’ that bifolds are notorious for. Each Fantom R sports a trigger mechanism that fans all your cards out, allowing you to easily access the one you need. You can arrange your cards based on priority too, making them even easier to access. Machined out of aluminum, the mechanism and even the wallet itself are designed to last far longer than any wallet you’ve owned. The aluminum chassis gives your wallet impact resistance, and the fan-out mechanism is strong enough to hold your cards in place even if you drop your wallet. Each wallet even comes with a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturing or functional defects. The Fantom R wallet starts at $94 and modules and upgrades can be procured as add-ons. Now let’s just hope they debut a nifty MagSafe add-on soon, letting you snap your future-perfect wallet to the back of your iPhone!

Designer: Ansix Designs

Click Here to Buy Now: $84.6 $94 (10% off with Coupon Code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, deal ends May 10th, 2021.

Fantom R Wallet – The Card Fanning Wallet Evolved

The Fantom R Wallet allows you to fan out the cards with a flick of a finger and with its modular attachments, it can hold cash, keys, coins and more.

Instant Access

Grab the card you need with a quick flip of the lever. With the quick draw slot, instantly pull out the top card.

Coin Holder Attachment

The Coin Holder Attachment allows you to conveniently store coins, SD cards, and USB drives.

Key Holder Attachment

The Key Holder Attachment allows you to store up to three keys.

ID Holder Attachment

The ID Holder Attachment is perfect for holding one ID card, such as driver’s license, building access card, or transit pass.

Featuring a clear ID window, the ID Holder Attachment provides visibility and protection for your card. A thumb cutout is built-in for easy card removal.

Cash Holder Attachment

The Cash Holder Attachment can hold cash, cards, receipts, and much more.

Titanium Money Clip

The Titanium money clip allows you to store your bills securely.

Safe To Use

Even with the cards fanned out, the Fantom Wallet is carefully engineered so that the cards will not fall out. The cards come out only when you need them.

Aluminum Chassis

The ceramic-coated aluminum chassis combines durability with unrivaled luxury to create the ultimate thin RFID wallet.

Razor Thin

The Fantom R 7 Wallet is only 0.35′ (9mm) thick. It’s so slim, it’s hard to notice your slim RFID aluminum wallet in your pocket.

Click Here to Buy Now: $84.6 $94 (10% off with Coupon Code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, deal ends May 10th, 2021.