This toaster lets you customize your slice of toast with personal messages or inspirational quotes

It takes ‘raising a toast’ to a completely new level.

Move over, Hallmark, this toaster has a pretty neat replacement for the traditional cake and card setup. Imagine this… It’s mother’s day and you’ve taken it upon yourself to make breakfast for your birthgiver. Pop in a slice of bread into the Home Party Hoaster and add a stencil with the pre-engraved message in. The toaster crisps up your bread while also reverse-etching a message into it. It’s a weirdly personal approach to just ‘buying a card’, right?

Designed by Seoul-based Min Soo Kim, the Home Part Hoaster is a conceptual toaster that lets you customize your bread with messages, images, emojis, and inspirational quotes. It does what a cake with icing cannot, and helps you begin your morning on a pretty positive note. The toaster works like any conventional bread-searing device, but comes with customized metal stencil plates that let you burn messages into your magical slice of yeast and flour.

The Home Party Hoaster comes with the proportions of a Vifa speaker, sporting a handle on top that lets you carry the appliance around. Two slots on the side let you slide slices of bread and the stencil plates in. You can set the toast’s crispiness using a touchscreen light panel on the front, and when the toast is done, it pops out, leaving the hot metal plate inside to cool before it can be removed.

I’m not entirely sure what the cultural significance of toast is in the east, although Min Soo Kim envisions this appliance as a nifty party-device, allowing people to share toasts with common messages on them. To me, the novelty of a toaster with a personalized message feature sounds like a great way to start the day. Begin your morning with inspirational quotes, uplifting messages, or just customize your toast with your name so nobody else steals it!

Designer: Min Soo Kim