Friday Giveaway: $135 Wooly Marmot – Jensen Kimmitt’s Signature Yoyo

Winners: $135 Wooly Marmot Yoyo goes to “Lace” by George $68 Campfire Yoyo goes to “The JAWS Gondola” by Ian

The Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks is gladly sponsoring a $135 Wooly Marmot Yoyo for you and apparently it’s Jensen Kimmitt’s Signature Yoyo!! The Jensen Kimmitt, who recently won a contest in Japan, called the 44 Clash. To win this cool prize all you need to do is WATCH the awesome Jensen do his tricks on a Caribou Lodge Yoyo and tell us: If you were to name your own yoyo trick, what would you call it? Second Best Entry wins the $68 Campfire Yoyo that hits the stores next month!

Designer duo Chris Mikulin & Levi McCarroll of the Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks fashion the most awesome collection of yoyos and will release their newest edition of the Wooly Marmot to yoyo stores in Japan and Singapore. A special edition of this yoyo called “28 Stories” is inspired by the cover art of Stephanie Nolan’s book “28 Stories Of AIDS in Africa”. $5 from each yoyo will be going to charity.

Quick Facts:

Those wanting to take a peek at the amazing world of yoyos will want to hit this link.

Music in the video is by MF Doom

Yoyo Photos by Natasha Paterson

Photo of Jensen by Ben McPhee & contest photo at the bottom is by Walter Wong

Best Entry: $135 Wooly Marmot – Jensen Kimmitt’s Signature Yoyo

Second Best Entry: $68 Campfire Yoyo

Contest Ends: Monday October 5th, 12:00am PST

Worlds 2009 One Minute Freestyle from Jensen Kimmitt on Vimeo.