This modular appliance converts WFH+ daytime chores into an interactive fun session!

We all have our midday rituals while working from home. While mine typically consists of going back and forth between my desk and my kitchen to get some snacks, others have formed more productive habits like cleaning and meditating. A team of Seoul-based designers has conceptualized and designed a modular WFH appliance called Fot to help get those chores and rituals done during the workday. They developed Fot so that once that final work project is submitted, the workday is done, including housework.

Fot comes in four parts and leans on a modular design to function as a charging station, vacuum cleaner, air diffuser, timer, and mood operator. Whenever a user chooses to step away from WFH duties to begin some household chores, Fot can turn into a free-roaming vacuum cleaner operated wirelessly with the ring-shaped remote. Similar to walking a dog with a leash, users only have to hold and steer the remote to indicate where they’d like the vacuum module to clean. Alternatively, Fot can be used as a meditative air diffuser simply by placing the ring-shaped remote on top of the diffuser module to activate the module’s mist function.

However, before it can enact any of its housework duties, Fot’s essential component, the ring-shaped remote must be vertically placed in the product’s charging hub. While Fot charges, users can turn the ring 90° clockwise from its neutral position to unlock the appliance’s mood operator, which delineates WFH time from housework time. Or, if users would like to operate their own timer and schedule then Fot can be rotated further than 90° to function as a timer and alarm.

Designers: Yeowon Kim, Jong Seung Kim, Daeun Kim, & TaeJune Youn

Fot comes equipped with a charging station, timer, mood operator, vacuum cleaner, and air diffuser.

Fot’s modular design allows its multiple functions.

Many people experiencing WFH struggle to accommodate household chores throughout the day. Fot changes that.

When used as a timer, Fot accommodates your schedule, indicating moments throughout the day that are devoted to household chores, meditation, or WFH time.

In order to charge Fot, users only have to place the ring-shaped remote into its charging socket.

Fot’s vacuum component is designed to feel just like walking your dog and its dust bin easily dumps anything picked up along the way.

Fot’s aroma diffuser functions as its meditation component, allowing for breaks during the workday to devote to relaxation.