How MagSafe helped create a face mask that’s comfortable to wear and easy to breathe through

Here’s the fundamental usability-issue with masks. A mask’s quality is measured by how effective its filter is, but good air-filters are harder to breathe through. So a better mask is, well, to simply put it… less breathable. The problem with masks today, according to Kylie Smith, is the fact that they’re basically a filter strapped in front of your face. They’re like sun-glasses, in the way they just sit in front of your mouth and nose, filtering stuff as you breathe the same way sunglasses filter out excess sunlight. However, sunglasses don’t increase discomfort. Masks do.

Over the past 4 years (long before the word pandemic was common in our vocabulary), Kylie spent her time working behind the scenes to figure out how to ‘fix’ face-masks. According to her, the one variable most masks failed to consider was air-flow. Air tends to take the path of least resistance as you breathe. So good masks are difficult to breathe through because you’re forcing air through those filters, and regular masks cause the air to leak in through the sides and make your spectacles fog up. Teaming up with co-founder Rick Smith (who’s also credited with inventing the taser), Kylie designed the Exa Mask – a face mask that factored air-flow into its design, making it comfortable to wear and easy to breathe through, while providing 97% air filtration. The Exa Mask creates three separate channels to breathe through – one for each nostril, and one for your mouth. Using a patent-pending AirFrame, the Exa Mask ensures the air you breathe only has one way in and one way out, eliminating any chance of leakage. Besides, thanks to its unique construction, the mask’s filter doesn’t press against your face (like with N95 or surgical masks), which means it’s relatively easier to breathe through, and much more comfortable in the long run.

To achieve this, the Exa Mask uses a 3-part design. The first part is its unique AirFrame – a band that sits around your nose. The AirFrame comes with ear-hoops that secures the apparatus around your ears (like most masks). It features a medical-grade silicone nose-piece that creates a seal around your nose, ensuring the air you breathe through your nostrils doesn’t travel upwards and fog your glasses, or downwards, making your lips and chin feel sweaty. The air only travels forward and backward, through the Exa Mask’s replaceable PFE 97 filters (the second part of its design) These filters are placed at a calculated distance from your nostrils, ensuring the air you breathe is 97% purified. They never touch your nostrils either, making the mask-wearing experience much more comfortable. The Exa Mask’s third part is its snap-on Mask Shield, which covers your nose and mouth, protecting you with an additional layer of security from particles. Inspired by Apple’s simple and sophisticated MagSafe feature, the Exa Mask’s AirFrame comes with magnetic rings that let you snap the fabric shield on in place. The AirFrame gives the fabric shield its structure, so it never presses against your face as you breathe, and the magnetic feature means you can easily replace shields on a whim, periodically changing them when they need to be washed, or when you want to choose a Mask Shield that matches your outfit.

At the end of the day, what the Exa Mask really manages to do is recreate the feeling of ‘not wearing a mask’ by channeling the right air-flow pattern. With the Exa Mask, the air you breathe travels in the same directions as it would ‘without the mask’. It doesn’t linger around your mouth or fog your glasses. It travels forward and backward, because the Exa Mask’s air-flow pattern directs it to. The mask’s proprietary AirFrame creates a seal around your nose, ensuring your glasses never get foggy, while its snap-on fabric shield never presses against your face. The result is an experience that’s much more freeing. It prioritizes comfort, while still ensuring that the air you breathe is up to 97% pure. Adjustable ear-straps allow the Exa Mask to easily fit your face, no matter its shape or size, and those magnetic, replaceable fabric shields are a nice touch, allowing you to easily swap fascias to match your persona! The Exa Mask is set to ship in June 2021, and as a part of its company guarantee, backers will receive an extra mask for free if there’s any delay in shipping.

Designer: Exa

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Exa Mask – Performance, Comfort & Fashion

Traditional masks offer the bare minimum protection, muffle your voice and fog your glasses.  They even get hot and humid. Exa mask with their proprietary three-part system fully seals airflow around the inhalation track without moisture and heat creating discomfort so you can live life outside the home with confidence.

Secure Fit & Seal

Exa mask securely fit along the inhalation track that was typically only available to medical professionals.

Surgical Mask: Airflow leaks due to inadequate seal around the face.

N95 Mask: Even N95 does not seal entirely.

Exa Mask: Focused sealing provides proper air filtration.

Built for Performance

Exa conforms seamlessly to your unique facial structure for a comfortable fit all day long.

Designed for Life

The detachable nose piece called the AirFrame can stand alone so that you can still breathe pure, filtered air while eating and drinking at a restaurant.

The airframe is made of TR-90 Nylon, the same material as Oakley sunglasses. It is sunscreen, makeup, and oil proof so their product will last at least 2 years.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45 $90 (50% off). Hurry, deal ends in 72 hours!