Don’t Blush, Go Ahead And Touch

I’m trying not to be corny here, but addressing the very serious issue of breast cancer. The awareness is kind of out there, but just leaving messages on Facebook in the month of October is not enough. A practical approach like the Smart Pink is required. It’s a self-adhesive sticker that ladies can stick across their chest and follow the pink-path with fingertips for self-diagnosis. A combination of maneuver-stickers makes the pack and the kit is a certified diagnosis from Korea Breast Cancer Foundation.

The video below has an info-segment in Korean for the first minute, but detailed live demo after that. Watch it!

Just a note, I think this can turn out to be a very effective product, if marketed well, to raise awareness and probably save many lives. I know if I had a instructive tool like this, I would use it! So, great job designers!

Designers: Mi Hyun Ryu and So Ra Park

[youtube: 605 455]