The world’s only everyday crossbody bag that wirelessly charges your smartphone

I’m not surprised that we have bags that wirelessly charge our smartphones. I’m just surprised we had to wait till 2021 for the tech to actually be implemented in this unusually creative way. The QUAQ outwardly looks like your regular cross-body bag or fanny pack, but behind its ‘regular’ appearance is some pretty clever tech. Perhaps the only bag to be able to wirelessly charge your phone and wirelessly charge itself too, the QUAQ is a bag you’ll actually want to put your phone into. It’s compact, portable, easy to access, water-resistant, and comes with compartments for your keys, cards, and other EDC. The bag instantly begins charging your phone the minute you slip it in, and to recharge your bag’s internal battery pack, just place it on QUAQ’s own wireless charging pad and the bag’s internal 10,000 mAh battery gets recharged.

The QUAQ is a nifty little cross-body bag that lets you easily carry your everyday stuff around with you. It’s big enough to comfortably fit your phone, wallet, keys, cards, even your passport if you’re the traveling kinds (that’s a big IF), and doubles into a fanny pack if you really want to look like a bonafide, seasoned traveler! The bag comes made from rugged ballistic nylon for that hardy dust-resistance and packs YKK zippers that not only increase its lifespan but also make it water-resistant. Its appearance is a combination of style and performance and serves as outer protection for your belongings, as well as for QUAQ’s most impressive feature – its 2-way wireless charging components.

Powered by a 10,000 mAh battery, the QUAQ lets you easily charge your smartphone by simply slipping it into its designated compartment. Designed to work with any phone with wireless charging, the QUAQ’s phone compartment orients and places the charging coils in a way that makes it easier for them to align with your phone’s rear surface (although your chances of charging are much higher without a case or a pop-socket).

QUAQ’s extra pockets and compartments give you ample space to store the rest of your belongings too, allowing you to organize and store EDC like your keys and wallets (with RFID-blocking pockets for safety). The bag even comes with Alcantara-lined interior pockets, ensuring your EDC rests on the same comfortable fabric that Ferrari uses to make its car-seats!

What I personally find pretty impressive about the QUAQ is that it, for once, actually makes me NOT want to use my pockets to store my belongings. By being a unique combination of sleek, stylish, and actually functional, the QUAQ makes pockets look archaic. Speaking of archaic, you COULD wear it as a fanny pack, but it looks much better when slung diagonally as a cross-body bag, allowing you to keep your belongings accessible and close to your chest. The Fidlock clasp on the bag is easy to open and close, and an adjustable strap lets you choose how loosely or securely the bag sits around your body. The QUAQ bags are TSA-approved and IP65-pending. Each bag comes with its built-in 10,000mAh battery, as well as a nifty charging mat that you can use to wirelessly recharge the bag’s internal battery every couple of days by simply placing the QUAQ bag on it (although if you just place the QUAQ on it every night, you’ll always be greeted with a fully-charged bag every single time). The bags are available for an early-bird price of $195, and I’d recommend buying one of these because the last time I checked, Apple and Samsung aren’t shipping chargers in their smartphone boxes moving forward. At least this way, you get both a bag AND a wireless charger for the price of one product!

Designer: Krishna Khiatani

Click Here to Buy Now: $118 $207 (43% off). Hurry, only 49 left!

QUAQ Wireless Charging Crossbody Bag

The QUAQ crossbody bag has an integrated wireless charging battery which allows your mobile devices to charge wirelessly. And, the integrated battery itself charges wirelessly simply by placing it over its charging pad.

Features & Benefits

Eco-friendly Materials – The main outer is made from a high density 1000D ballistic nylon engineered to have soft hand feel, water resistance and excellent abrasion resistance to wear and tear. The interior fabric is Alcantara, a material used by luxury handbag firms and luxury car companies for their seats.

Wireless Charger for your Smartphone – Wireless In & Wireless Out (Dual Wireless Charging). Compatible with any smartphone. The bag has a completely integrated 10000 mAh battery which provides you the energy your mobile needs wherever you are.

Spacious – This bag provides enough inner space for everything you need to carry: wallet, sunglasses, personal ID, credit cards, keys, iPod, travel documents, a bottle of water and of course, your mobile device.

Water Resistant – Fully dust- and water-resistant materials (tested with water jet projected from a 6.3mm nozzle) – certification pending.

RFID Protection – Protect your credit card & other data from being stolen by using the RFID compartment.

Fidlock – A unique magnetic-mechanical technology that makes it easy to lock and unlock the strap.

YKK Zippers – a trusted world-wide Japanese group known for their impeccable product standards and thorough quality control processes.

Versatile & Adpatable

You can wear your bag in different ways – fanny pack, crossbody, or on your shoulders, to suit every occasion.

Click Here to Buy Now: $118 $207 (43% off). Hurry, only 49 left!