Silicone finger grips in this snack box ensures your kids can eat without a mess!

Monchi is a compressible snack box with a silicone lid that comes with integrated finger grips for kids to eat with their hands without making a mess.

There are only two types of people in the world: the ones who lick their fingers after a meal, and the ones who look for the nearest sink. While I fall into the latter category, the urge to eat with my hands is real. Finger foods like cookies and fries have always been a crowd favorite, but they’re messy too.

Monchi, a hygienic silicone-based snack box, developed by A Nus Design Studio features built-in finger grips so you can eat with your hands without the mess.

Tailored for children aged three and up, Monchi is as parent-friendly as it is kid-friendly. Featuring a flexible, silicone lid, the integrated finger grips stretch to fit hands and fingers of all sizes.

Just beneath the silicone lid, Monchi has a leak-proof and airtight food container that holds snack-sized items for kids to enjoy anywhere. From picnics to school lunches, Monchi packs some fun into eating so kids will never skip their veggies.

Once snack time is over, Monchi’s silicone build allows for easy cleanup. Compressible by design, the food container can shrink in size to fit into small storage spaces, even your front pocket.

The finger-grip lid allows users to slip their fingers into each slot, allowing free range of motion to pick up food items inside the container. Constructed from food-grade silicone and polypropylene plastic, Monchi is BPA-free and made from materials that are safe for kids of all ages to be around.

Designer: A Nus Design Studio

Even below the lid, Monchi’s design is fun for kids to play with.

Following an involved ideation process, Monchi reached its final form.