Bentley Residences, the world’s first high-rise by the luxury automaker will rise over Miami in 2026!

In Miami, marques like Porsche, Pininfarina, and Aston Martin have turned to high-rise, luxury apartment complexes to tag with their brand names. Punctuating the beaches of Miami throughout their Sunny Isles and Brickell neighborhoods, the upscale automakers constructed apartment buildings to reflect the luxe experiences that come with owning one of their cars. The latest marque to bring their real-estate venture to the beaches of North Miami, Bentley has launched plans for their own apartment high-rise, Bentley Residences which will shimmer to completion in 2026.

Bentley Residences will soar to almost 750 feet over the dunes of Miami’s Sunny Isles district, nearby the 132-unit Porche Design Tower. Sieger Suarez Architects and Dezer Development will work with Bentley to design and build the 200+ apartments that will fill up Bentley Residences. Having previously worked with Porsche to design the Porsche Design Tower, the collaboration between Sieger Suarez Architects and Dezer Development ensures the plans for Bentley Residences are in safe hands. Perhaps the most exciting part of the plan is that each residence comes equipped with its very own multi-car garage, which funnels through the apartment building’s main, exclusive car elevator system.

In addition to the high-rise car elevator, each apartment will also welcome residents with a private balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook Miami’s north shores and bay, along with a sunken pool, and sauna. The design of each residence will prioritize seamless indoor-outdoor living ideal for the summer climate of Miami. Residents of Bentley’s high-rise can also enjoy the building’s many lavish amenities: a whiskey bar, cigar lounge, restaurant, cinema, gym, pool and spa, private beach with cabanas, as well as the manicured grounds and gardens. The architects will begin construction as soon as 2023 with plans for triangular windows that will form Bentley’s famed diamond icon, allowing the sun to hit each facade and make the building shimmer with light.

Designers: Bentley, Sieger Suarez Architects, and Dezer Development

The same luxe experience that comes with owning one of Bentley’s Continental GT Speeds will be felt inside Bentley Residences.

With a slick, curved frame and seamless finishes, Bentley’s Continental GT Speed mimics the exterior of Bentley Residences.

Inside, Bentley’s close attention to details can be felt and seen throughout.

The diamond finishes and chrome accents shimmer on Bentley’s Continental GT Speed.