This dog harness + leash combo is the safest, most comfortable way for humans to walk their pets!

Whether you have just brought home a new dog or want a safer and more comfortable gear to walk them every morning, this hybrid dog harness with an integrated leash is what can make the difference. As a pet parent, you’d agree, there is nothing more satisfying to see the anticipation and unbridled excitement your furry friend has to step into the outdoors. This pure joy can be momentary if you do not have the comfortable gear and your dog feels tied up and restricted when running through the grass or jaunting through the block.

Outdoor pet equipment company TailHigh has revealed the ‘Hybrid Dog Harness’ combining a harness with a leash in one single contraption that saves the trouble of carrying an additional leash and attaching or detaching it to the harness. This innovative dog accessory, with lightweight and retractable tape-type leash extendable up to 5 feet, is designed by BKID. Interestingly, it is made from breathable, soft EVA foam combined with mesh fabric for a comfortable fit. The harness is equipped with a seat belt like two-way-lock safety stop technology, which if the dog pulls the string during an unexpected action, can automatically stop the line even if the owner misses the handle, letting the dog escapes unhurt.

The hybrid dog harness is available in three – small, medium, and large sizes, so it can be applied from small dogs to large ones up to 77lbs. It comes with a Y-shaped chest pad to keep the dog’s chest from compressing in case of unwanted pulls and nudges and also features light-reflective stitching on the chest logo and leash to ensure more visibility in the dark. Available in Sunset Pink, Moss Green and Himalayan Blue colors, the all-in-one leash and harness costs $68.99.

Designer: TailHigh