Digital Jeeves Can Get Me Anything!

Ok people, you got to humor me for this one. Travel with me into the future where we are so dependant on technology that we don’t even trust our secretaries to get us the bagel or coffee right! It’s the future where bots and machines share a better relationship than humans, and have more Contacts in the Right Places to get us access to exclusive events and restaurants…simply at the click of a button!

Kicking the human Jeeves out of our life and replacing it with the Digital Butler…does this sound fun or what! Agreed this is just a concept for now, but lets see what do we get from it….

– It will work on advance 4G networks with GPS, giving it connections to all the swankiest spots in town. This also means future Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans can expect gatecrashers at their parties!
– Feature-wise, the gadget includes a circular touch-screen interface, accelerometer technology, PDA phone, full-resolution built-in multimedia LED projector; squeeze buttons on the perimeter and of course a full-time network connection to VIP services.

Essentially does this mean that in the future we will have to rely a gadget with allied services to get us through to big party scenes? It sounds a bit presumptuous…but if you’re that wealthy and connected you will sail past the bouncers in any case; you wont need no gadget to help you do that! On the flip side, if a wannabe lays his/her hand on such kind of technology, it could be the turning point of their lives. What do I say…. sounds nice…looks good, but I still need some convincing.

Designers: Matthew Spencer, Adam Heslop & Simon Drewery