Slide That Chair Together

Slide it! Make sure everything fits! Woola! How lovely it is! Made entirely out of CNC-cut pieces of wood, this right here goes by the name “Android-System.” It’s a chair that will come to you in a bunch of parts, flat, and you’ve got to put them all together. Sounds simple? That’s because it totally is simple. Just like that.

This particular model is made out of birch plywood pieces, and the fit together so nicely, don’t they?

That’s that CNC machine perfection.

This reminds me greatly of the model kit I bought earlier today. No kidding! It was (and is) a tiny Y-Wing kit purchased from the toy store at my local mall. Like the chair, this Star Wars model came in pieces, the major enjoyment of the object being the putting together of the project. How many times have you been told in your life that it’s not the final bit, it’s the journey?

Well lucky you, once you’re done with this one, you can have a seat.

Designer: Konstantin Atchkow