This futuristic robotic dog is Spot’s closest rival Boston Dynamics needs to watch out!

Boston Dynamics is the hot property ever since its inception – evident from the change of ownership it has gone through in the last decade. Spot is Boston Dynamics crowning jewel that anyone can buy if they’ve got fat pockets, and one can call the Spot robotic dog, the alpha male of the robotics world. Now the Spot dog seems to have met its worthy competitor in the form of SN-3 Nova, a specialized robot built to accompany the maintenance technicians for inspection and repair tasks in places where it is too dangerous for humans to venture.

The SN-3 Nova is the work of Iranian concept designer Amin Akhshi, and he envisions this tall postured robot with muscular legs, reassuring its ability to take on any inclement task you throw at it. While Amin imagines it to be the tech wizard of the team – solving any electronic problems that a system might encounter. I, however, see it good enough to be a part of the disaster management fleet or even a member of the military dog squad to take on the bad guys.

At the end of the day, it is a machine powered by a 48V lithium-ion battery loaded with a 3D laser scanner and HDR camera for advanced vision to tread in low-lit conditions. When it comes down to performing the tasks, SN-3 Nova takes pride in its hand-eye coordination to work with fully-wristed instruments and a highly advanced CMOS sensor for precision tasks. Without a doubt, the robotic dog is built for the future, and don’t be surprised if you witness Amin’s vision turn to reality in your lifetime. As they say, the robots are coming!

Designer: Amin Akhshi