This batman-worthy Chevrolet SS concept radiates Batmobile character, sans the all black look!

The 1970 Chevrolet SS is one classic car that serves as the perfect platform for hotrod lovers to modify – and its hot property even to date. The big fat tires, the bulging V8 engine, a distinct street racing character, and the pure joy of driving this mean machine to bamboozle onlookers is something of an addiction. But when the Chevrolet SS gets a makeover that takes it to a god-like level, it is undeniable.

Coming from the designer of the Dodge Demon having a striking Bumblebee character – yes we are talking about Al Yasid – this concept design elevates the muscular charisma of the Chevrolet to a level where it can even be deemed as a Batman worthy ride. Yes, a Batmobile-like extended rear gives it that peculiar crime-fighting machine aesthetic – only if the hotrod could be painted in the signature all-black hue. The look comes courtesy of Yasid’s second layer of modification to the Bandido Chevrolet SS from one of his earlier renders – virtually bettering the remake a step further. According to Yasid, who gave the ride aero feel overall thanks to the over fenders, “The single central fin always work, no doubt about that.”

The mean machine gets a dual-tone color with the hood, front bumper, and front fenders painted in black and the rest of the body getting a light silver treatment. The black dual stripes on the roof and the hint of black on the rear, give this Chevrolet a definite road presence. Of course, the big fat wheels hint at the muscle car’s drag racing DNA, and the presence of a wheelie bar would do this ride the justice. I’m sure it has got the thrust boosters and a fire-spitting exhaust ready for a duel!

Designer: Al Yasid