These smart home-security systems guard your home better than Google Nest could!

When it comes to the security and safety of our home, that is something that cannot be joked around with at all. Our homes are where our loved ones and we spend the majority of our time, they’re considered our safe haven, and it’s extremely crucial that we keep it that way. Installing home security systems and cameras in our homes allows us to ensure that our home is always protected against any foreign threats, and not to mention it lets us take a breath of relief when we aren’t home. However, selecting a home security system is a Herculean task by itself. Picking a foolproof, highly functioning and well-engineered home security system is critical, and hence we’ve curated a collection of trustworthy designs that’ll help you step out of your home in peace!

The Always Home Cam (as it’s called) expands on Ring’s home security line-up, giving you a camera that sits INSIDE your house rather than at the entrance of it, like the Ring’s more popular video doorbells. When it detects a break-in, the flying camera un-docks from its station and travels to the intruder, capturing their face on video, which is beamed to the owner’s phone (and possibly even the police, considering Ring’s partnerships with local police forces). It’s designed to activate only when the owners aren’t at home and come with a completely enclosed propeller system so that it doesn’t harm anyone or any pets as it flies around the house to surveil intrusions. When docked, the camera’s station completely encloses the drone’s stem, which contains the lens, preventing it from being able to ‘spy’ on its owners.

The HeimVision Assure B1 is a culmination of a lot of good ideas into one, neat package. It’s a CCTV but works as a two-way audio teleconferencing device too. It runs via an app, but can even be commanded via Alexa, making it simple to use without needing your phone around. The Assure B1’s basic kit (that’s the $79 one) comprises one wireless camera and one central hub that sits within your home. The camera features a tripod-mount for easy installation and runs on rechargeable AA batteries for a solid 12 months (with the option of hooking it to a solar panel for uninterrupted continuous power). The camera unit is a small, robust little device that weighs a mere 181 grams, but packs a solid punch. It can capture video in 2K Ultra HD with a 130° FoV, and even sports colored night-vision. Fitted within its Stormtrooper-esque white and black body is also a passive infrared sensor that can detect motion as well as identify humans.



Angee, the smart camera for your home, is tackling issues we didn’t know we had already – privacy. With the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees, Angee faces away when it realizes that you’re home. This is a fantastic solution to the paranoia of constantly being watched. Even unplugging a smart camera at home isn’t enough – the lens just glaring away, staring at you…no thanks. Angee does require an additional device to be attached to the front door to determine when it should be actively recording. Probably not the most practical alert system considering Nest and various other home cameras will detect movement automatically. However, that being said, that’s a small price to pay for the luxury of privacy.

Meet Lucy, an AI bot that fulfills the jobs of a Roomba as well as a Nest Security Cam. With an auto-navigation system guiding it, a 3000Pa vacuum underneath it, and a day-and-night wide-angle camera on the front of it, Lucy does floor-sweeps and security-sweeps at the same time. It relies on its in-built guidance system to segregate your house by the room, allowing it to clean or monitor individual rooms at a time. Built with a battery that gives it 2 hours of performance, Lucy can navigate rooms, avoid no-go-zones, and even patrol your house based on a route you set. Lucy’s ability to clean as well as screen your household (I have no shortage of clever phrases) is thanks to its 6-core ARM System-on-a-Chip, which allows it to run as efficiently as it does. The AI-bot comes equipped with a depth sensor and a 1080p camera that can detect objects as little as 1-inch high, allowing it to avoid toys, books, socks, or anything that may be lying around on the floor, and directly target dust, dirt, crumbs, and furballs. The camera’s human and pet-recognition allows it to avoid, but most importantly surveil living obstacles, pinging you if it sees someone new. Video instantly gets streamed directly to your phone so you know if there’s ever an intruder breaking into your house, and an intercom system literally lets you speak to family members or intruders right through the app and Lucy’s native microphone and speaker setup.



Meet, ORBIT, designed to work with existing smart systems, and carrying a design that shares its DNA with materials intended for space exploration, we certainly think it’s a desirable piece of kit! Packed within the simplistic, polycarbonate exterior is not one, but two cameras; positioned at the top is a 360° camera for unparalleled coverage, while the bottom remains stationary and boasts a wide-angle lens! Its designer, Max Dahl, considered every aspect of the product in great detail, this is particularly noticeable in its sleek packaging; Orbit arrives in a cylindrical tube that shares the same, speckled, finish as Orbit, once opened the device is displayed on a pedestal surrounded by the logical organization of the complimenting accessories!



Hive’s View security camera seems a lot like the latter kind of product. Designed by Yves Behar and Fuseproject, the Hive View looks like a GoPro on a throne that swivels 360° on both vertical and horizontal axes, allowing it to point any which way you choose. The aluminum arm that holds the camera even transfers power to the cube-shaped camera that can be detached from its base, extending the functionality of the security camera in a way that lets it be your home security as well as your personal security device. The camera comes with sound as well as motion detection, and captures everything within a 130° viewing angle in stunning 1080p HD, allowing you to playback your security tapes on your phone via the cloud. Its classy ‘throne’ can be placed on any surface or even wall-mounted, allowing you to virtually put the camera anywhere you, please.



Deep Sentinel develops security cameras and AI that set up a security perimeter around your house, but that’s not all they do. Deep Sentinel doesn’t just record any criminal activity… it prevents it. Behind the camera and the security, the hub is Deep Sentinel’s growing team of surveillance guards who tirelessly sit and monitor footage. They instantly get an alert when something seems off, like if a stranger is approaching your window, or trying to pry open your door. The ‘LiveSentinel Surveillance Guards’ have a two-step procedure for dealing with this. Deep Sentinel’s cameras also come with a speaker module, allowing the agents to warn the criminals to stop. As the criminal looks at the camera, Deep Sentinel’s agents send the evidence to the nearest police station, calling for help. The system relies on three components that work together to make it incredibly successful. A. Artificial intelligence that detects people, animals, and objects and interprets behavior in real-time, segregating friendlies from non-friendlies, B. a team of guards or Sentinels that bring the element of human reconnaissance to the experience, and finally, C. the police force, which gets alerted promptly and with the necessary evidence.



The Halo Classic is more than just a smart camera, what makes this camera special are its features – a fully wireless experience and a battery life that lasts up to 6 months long, 6 MONTHS! The Classic is designed to look and feel like a premium product with its choice of sophisticated material choices and elegant forms, chosen to complement the aesthetic of any living space. The Halo Vantage is the only in-ceiling smart camera. Disrupting the smart camera market once again with the Vantage, Halo has taken a different perspective on the at-home, smart camera. The smartest aspect of the Halo Vantage is the ability to simply “install Halo Vantage into an existing recessed light fixture to achieve a superior point of view with a discreet appearance.” The Halo Vantage is a wireless design once again, however, it gets its power from the mains, through the existing light bulb fitting – as well as having a backup battery with 14 days of power in it. This is truly a discrete form of monitoring your house and keeping the place safe.



We go to great measures to secure our homes with all sorts of locks, gates, gadgets, and gizmos, so why not take the same security measures for the other places we dwell? That’s the idea behind Convoy. Like the name suggests, this portable security system is a true companion that you can take anywhere with you whether you’re hanging at home or on vacation. Its modular monitoring units become your personal team dedicated to ensuring wherever you are (or aren’t) is secure. Leave one at home while you’re at work to keep a watchful eye on your property. Take one with you on a trip to check in on your accommodations. Better yet, you can see what’s happening in multiple places at once no matter where you’re at.

Regular keychains do just half the job by stopping the buck at vaguely collecting your keys, rather than recognizing and solving any problems that arise around key-carrying. They’re impossible to use in the dark, or even in the day-time if you’ve got too many similar-looking keys, and unless they’re strapped to your pants via a retractable cord, they can get stolen or lost… however, that isn’t quite the case with the Ekster Key Holder. Designed to categorically solve the aforementioned problems (and look pretty sleek too), the Ekster Key Holder proposes a more structured approach. It features a holder that arranges your keys in a defined linear pattern so you know which key is where. Got similar keys for your home door and your garage door? Arrange them so you know the home-key comes first and the garage key comes second. Moreover, the Key Holder even comes with a Chipolo-based tracker that lets you constantly keep tabs on the location of your keys. The tracker lets you precisely pinpoint your key-holder on a map, letting you see where you left it last… or better still, letting you track its movement in real-time if it gets stolen. You can even “ring” your keys via your phone, and they’ll immediately begin buzzing wherever they are.