Home Security Never Looked So Good!


With security systems becoming ever more present in domestic settings, and smart hardware slowly becoming a centre point in our lives, now may just be the perfect time for a unique home-security camera to be introduced!

Meet, ORBIT, designed to work with existing smart systems, and carrying a design that shares its DNA with materials intended for space exploration, we certainly think it’s a desirable piece of kit! Packed within the simplistic, polycarbonate exterior is not one, but two cameras; positioned at the top is a 360° camera for unparalleled coverage, while the bottom remains stationary and boasts a wide-angle lens!

Its designer, Max Dahl, considered every aspect of the product in great detail, this is particularly noticeable in its sleek packaging; Orbit arrives in a cylindrical tube that shares the same, speckled, finish as Orbit, once opened the device is displayed on a pedestal surrounded by the logical organization of the complimenting accessories!

Designer: Max Dahl




“The exterior design features a polycarbonate compound, containing glass fiber. This material is very durable, lightweight, and shock-resistant as well as tolerant to humidity and temperature changes. The other remaining mechanical and electronic parts are sensitive which is why the chassis becomes the frame to which other parts of the camera are attached,” Dahl explains.


“Orbit it based around the idea of customizable positions, this is achieved by a magnet in the base of the docking surface. Unlike other smart home cameras the user is not required to mount it one given position”


“When designing the packaging for the Orbit brand I wanted the unboxing experience to maintain the same clean and logical sensibilities as the camera itself. The packaging features the same material finish as the camera inside, white, grey, and black”


“Orbit packing is easy to open, the design intention was to be as unobtrusive as possible allowing for a seamless experience. By having everything stack tightly together it reduced the overall packaging footprint and keeps the opening experience personal and unique”

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