Don’t Die Mac Mini Don’t Die!

The rumormill is full of reports about Apple supposedly killing off the Mac Mini due to lackluster sales. Earlier last week, those rumors were confounded by new rumors about Apple only updating the Mac Mini which explains why the old model can’t be found in stock. Whatever the truth may be, that didn’t stop designers like Mac Funamizu from dreaming up a new Mac Mini, more inline with Apple’s current offerings.

Designer: Mac Funamizu


  • Ake says:

    I’d like to ask you one thing.

    What did you learn from this work?
    Mac design is so boring.

  • Flix says:


  • powers says:

    I’ll take simple and classy rather than overworked-within-an-inch-of-its-life any day. That’s just me.

    • powers says:

      One important mistake – the apple, because it is not a laptop and thus, will not be turned up, is technically upside down. In other words, it should look right to the person at the desk, not to everyone else like on (an Apple) laptop. See, Mac Design is harder than you might think.

  • says says:

    why do a lot of people get so defensive about bashing apple design?

  • Keith says:

    I agree with Ake, and I vote for this to be named the most boring and lame design posted to this site.

  • Vr1 says:

    GREAT JOB!!! Congratulations this is the best form factor I have ever seen for the new Mac Mini. It could simply fit behid a new ultra-thin LCD or Oled TV. Or even in my case to set a wacom penable touch screen to draw my dreams. One more time congratulations!!!

  • Dood says:

    …So, it’s a laptop you can plug a screen into…

  • Руслан says:

    полностью поддерживаю, такие же мысли были.

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