This Dodge Viper GTS concept embodies sensuality + precision aesthetics designed to awe you!

There’s something about a Dodge supercar that pulls you into its magnetic charisma. No doubt I go weak in the knees just at the mention or sight of one! The Dodge Demon concept by Al Yasid was one of the same league – literally shouting out to Richard Hammond for some eyeballs. Alright back to what this creation is about. It all started with Guillaume Mazerolle, a transportation design student at Strate, School of Design, Paris spotting a special edition GTS-R parked in a little hotel in Malbuisson, France. It was his lucky day as the ride was owned by none other than the President Dodge Viper Owners Association, and he was generous enough to have a short conversation with the curious design student. He even let him inside, and start the engine of his supercar!

That was the moment, Guillaume fell in love with this beautiful monster, and the idea to create the future Dodge plug-in Hybrid vehicle with both an electric powertrain and an internal combustion engine was germinated. For the Viper Basilisk concept, Guillaume took inspiration from the 2nd generation Viper GTS from 1996 and the 3rd generation Viper. Apparently, the design is indicative of the half reptile and half rooster character that’s pretty apparent in the whole thought process behind the concept car. 2nd generation lends the sensual feeling while the 3rd generation has that definitive precision element in the design execution. So, in its design DNA, this Viper Basilisk concept is a ‘Sensual Precision’ of unique design fusion that compares to none.

The designer defines it as a precise theme encapsulating the car while the sensual reflections on the bodyside give it that contrasting appeal. More than a superficial makeover, Guillaume has given his concept a very lively feel. He has defined the single tension point, triangular air inlet, a reimagined cabin structure going under the bonnet, cross grilled lighting structure, and presence of 10 heat diffusers. The pure muscle of the 8.4-liter V10 engine is visible under the long hood which already gives me goosebumps. Two massive air intakes on the front exhaust pipe integrated into the diffuser in a modern interpretation of the original Viper GTS.

There’s nothing much in words that can define the panache of this Viper – one you instantly want to be a real-life creation – Dodge must take note here. So, let’s just sit back and enjoy these stunning renders of the supercar of the future, that’s so Dodge!

Designer: Guillaume Mazerolle