Crane With a View

As cranes go, they either get the job done or don’t. Not much progress has been made in the past 50 years with crane development. Most of the evolutionary focus has been on lift capabilities and reach. “LYNX” – mobile crane by Jiri Kubec is a revolutionary concept in the way it treats the driver/operator. This concept integrates a control cabin with not only unobstructed views, but the ability to raise up to 8.5 metres high for better project surveillance and maneuverability. With an 80 tons lifting capacity, steering and crane functions controlled via joystick and pedals utilizing drive-by-wire technology, this crane is sure to reduce accidents, make jobs a little easier and capture the imaginations of children everywhere…

Designer: Jiri Kubec

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  • xoxo says:

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  • Tomi says:

    The movable cabin is a good idea, however there are a few mistakes. The air intake next to the exhaust is one of them.

  • Excellent concept

  • DaLk says:

    Mmm, translating and rotating cabin.. So Grendizer-esque :).

    Interesting ar first look. Though the cabin alignement could be a bit tricky and make useless use of hydraulics (maybe it could use some rails).
    Detailed full electric sets controls for both driving & lifting and directionnal rear wheels could be a nice addition.

    That said I’m unsure of the interest, but i still like it 🙂

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