Sofa with swiveling arm is the exact WFH investment we need this 2021!

The ongoing pandemic is on a resurgence once again. If that means anything to our professional lives, we would be working from home for a long time still. Working from home has its own advantages but one of the biggest cons is the fact that you end up spending more hours on the couch completing your work – sans a proper home office setup that is. For the benefit of every working from home couch potato, recognized Portuguese designer João Teixeira has designed Brick Sofa that offers additional convenience while working.

For over a year now, we have been working from home. In the interim, if you have found the best corner to work out of, you may want to add a table or two from Teixeira’s collection. Otherwise, for some reason, the best I can guess being comfort; if you’re working from your sofa still – Teixeira’s Brick love seat with armrest attached in the center supporting a swivel shelf to place your equipment is by far the most practical option out there. The designer has also envisioned single-seater sofas that feature geometric design and promote upright posture while working.

Designed to enhance usability and convenience, the Brick is soft and modern in appearance and will integrate into any home interior and help residents enhance productivity. The swivel shelf is created to hold laptop, tablet and other equipment we use while working. This seamless approach also allows for the integration of the power supply to the armrest that doubles as a side table during your work from home activities.

Designer: João Teixeira