This sleek detachable bicycle bag holds all + incorporates a rear signal light to ensure safe and comfortable rides!

Bicycle accessories can make or break any ride. Bulky bike bags or finicky water bottles can be distracting and make the ride a lot less enjoyable, and a lot more stressful. Sometimes the aesthetic of an accessory outweighs its functionality and its unique look isn’t able to ditch the stress it causes. In designing a bike storage bag that’s as mobile as it is sleek and simple, Happy Buddha Design Studio has created Lumis Bike Bag, a multi-functional and detachable bike bag that also integrates a rear light for safe travel come night.

Many modern bikes come with a rear light, signaling to the trailing traffic behind the rider that they must share the road. Often, when bike storage bags are attached to a bike behind the rider, that rear light ends up getting covered, making for unsafe riding at night and busy streets. The Lumis Bike Bag from Happy Buddha integrates a translucent compartment area and accompanying rear signal light for their storage bag to assure riders that they’ll be seen on the road even at night.

To attach Happy Buddha to their bicycle, users simply slide the Lumis Bike Bag’s translucent plastic covering onto the rear light and both can then be connected to the bicycle. The rear light projects onto Lumis Bike Bag’s plastic top to increase its visibility and brightness for nighttime riding and packed city streets. Whenever the user’s bike is left unattended, the Lumis Bike Bag itself can easily be dislodged from its joined rear light, providing portability and an added sense of security.

Ensuring that the Lumis Bike Bag is weatherproof, the designers at Happy Buddha constructed it from waterproof nylon fabric, as well as PC and ABS plastics. Pairing its durable build and slim design with intuitive assembly and attachment, the Lumis Bike Bag does not require tools or instruction for setup. With weatherproof tailoring, a clever space-saving design, and portability made simple, the Lumis Bike Bag was designed for smooth rides.

Designer: Happy Buddha Design Studio

To install the Lumis Bike Bag, slide the storage bag onto the detachable rear light and connect both to the underside of the bike’s seat.

The Lumis Bike Bag is detachable to allow for portability when your bike is left unattended.

Coming in either black or white, the Lumis Bike Bag embraces a neutral color scheme for ultimate adaptability.

Even at night, the Lumis Bike Bag’s translucent plastic top signals to the traffic behind you that you’re sharing the road.

The Lumis Bike Bag’s compact, yet roomy build allows for accessory storage for smartphones, keys, wallets, and the likes.