The hollow structure of this vegetable peeler stores your peels!

A vegetable peeler, to be honest, isn’t my favorite kitchen tool. The blade always feels dangerously close to your fingers, and the mess left behind is a horror show to clean up. Not to mention, no matter how you hold it, the peeler always manages to feel uncomfortable in your hand. Hence, product designer Kevin Lau designed Graze. Graze is a smarter and better way to peel.

Featuring a sleek and elegant form, Graze looks much like an ice cream cone, one you can fit snugly into the cup of your hand. The conical shape allows you to effortlessly and efficiently peel vegetables, without having to consistently struggle to find the right angle. The blade is in the form of a little slot and has been carefully placed on one side of the cone, so the chances of nicking yourself while peeling are nill! But Graze’s most interesting feature would be its ability to store the vegetable peels. From within, Graze is completely hollow and resembles a capsule in that aspect. As you peel the vegetable using the slot-like blade, the skin slips in through it and is carefully stored within Graze’s hollow structure. A transparent cap covers the peeler, so once you’re done, you can remove the cap and discard all the leftover peels! This ensures that you aren’t left with a complex mess to deal with later on.

Crafted using plastic and sheet metal, Lau initially used scrap material to create low fidelity models of Graze, followed by 3D CAD modeling to finally design Graze’s ergonomic form, which completely streamlines the process of peeling vegetables. Prepping vegetables has never been this easy!

Designer: Kevin Lau