This Honda drag racer is a edgy futuristic car designed for the young and the restless!

What do you expect when vintage meets modern? It’s something that gets the best of both worlds in terms of design aesthetics and drivability. What you see here is the amalgam of vintage and modern from Honda – resulting in a concept car that you can’t help but drool over. The work of designer Alexis Poncelet, the Honda HR-X Delsol looks like push back toy car that suddenly attained the big boy charm and got all decked up for the big league, fair and square!

The car is inspired by the recent Honda e drag racer’s boyish charm, retro Honda FR-V’s 3 seater front row for space usage, and the silhouette and deck of the CRX Delsol that makes you want to jump in the driver’s seat for a spin. The four-wheeler creates a niche of its own, giving Honda the strategic edge over the competitors with a boxy vehicle that will resonate with the young generation. The car’s front section borrows its DNA from the Honda e while the rear has been given a very peculiar CRX Delsol-like shape.

If you are wondering why the space on the rear has not been put to fair use, well, actually, it has been. For riders who like to chill out every day like there’s no tomorrow, the Honda HR-X Delsol has space for storing beer and a dedicated RTX system to keep it chilled even in the scorching heat. The three-seater car is all about hanging out with your buddies on the open streets, ready for the next drag racing challenge for the thrill of life!

Designer: Alexis Poncelet