Super Flexible for Super Living

Inlay is a new super modular sofa system comprised of back rest, arm rest and seat modules in various sizes that can be easily configured and re-configured in infinite variations to create seating for any occasion! The design employs a modernist architectural design language and an innovative seam detail integrates the die cast aluminum leg and the body of the sofa to create a new aesthetic for this typology.

Designer: Benjamin Hubert


  • Contrast to the present rapid developments in information and technology, Indian wooden furniture still maintains its traditional way of using simple tools and processes in its production. Because of this, there is still much ethnic flavour to be found in the furniture. for more Indian furnitures ( )

  • iasivezi says:

    Nice, simple and beautiful. I am close to move in to my new apartament and this is qite of inspiration.

  • teen says:

    wow advertising hahaha

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