Philips Next Simplicity Concept

After introducing its new brand promise sense and simplicity, Philips turned to design to explore tangible yet inspirational ways of communicating the brand promise through simplicity-led design. Philips Design created Next Simplicity; an exploration of a vision for simplicity, always keeping end-user insights, technological innovations and sociological trends at the center of focus. Innovative concepts and working models were developed around five themes: care, glow, play, share and trust with each concept characterized by its ease of use.

Soft Therapy – Is a wearable, cordless garment which reduces tension in strained muscles and joints in the shoulders and back by combining infrared heat and vibrational massage.

Feel Good – Light therapy relaxes your body by reducing tension in strained muscles and joints. When treatment session starts, this 3-in-1 floor lamp folds down to shine light onto your body.

Design: Philips


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