This playful, customizable lamp makes ‘Happiness’ a design feature

If there’s ever a secret to great design, it’s to make something that lingers in your memory. Design a product that finds estate in your mind and you’ve unlocked the holy grail of a product’s “emotional value”, making them something you think about, something you get attached to, and eventually feel nostalgic about. Toys have a unique power of doing this, which is why GI Joes, Barbies, LEGO blocks, Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, and Mr. Potato Head (or Potato Head, henceforth) have so much emotional value, even today. They’re products that are playful, imaginative, and designed in a way that emotionally attaches you to them. Therefore they’re products you remember and cherish. Mr. Watt, a desk lamp, hopes to take the same route with its friendly, anthropomorphic design.

Mr. Watt is a desk lamp styled like a little humanoid with large eyes that light up when you pat its head. Along with the curious eyes that shine bright enough to illuminate whatever Mr. Watt looks at, the lamp even comes with a positionable head, which means the little guy can look up, down, and sideways, working quite like an adjustable spotlight of sorts. Available in two sizes, Mr. Watt occupies no more than 5×5 inches of space, making it perfect to use as a tabletop lamp, a bedside lamp, or just a light placed anywhere on a shelf in either the living room or a kid’s bedroom. Once assembled (with a cable routed through the base), Mr. Watt becomes a friendly ally that lights up to help you read/study, or navigate the room. To switch it on, all you need to do is pat it on the head and the lamp’s eyes light up (literally!) — keep your hand on its head for a little longer and you can adjust Mr. Watt’s brightness, going from ambient light to full-blown spotlight bright enough to clearly light up a tabletop!

That playful interaction is just one component of Mr. Watt’s happiness-inducing design. The lamp comes with an entire ecosystem of accessories that help give Mr. Watt character. From hairstyles to different headgear, goggles, and even clothes, Mr. Watt can become everything from a hipster coder, an old granny with horn-rimmed glasses and hair tied in a bun, to even pets! This ability to impose a character on Mr. Watt turns it from a lamp into a toy, or rather a totem that holds value. You could name it (think of Mr. Watt as just a placeholder name), give it a backstory, and allow your child to bond with it as they would bond with a toy. This instantly turns Mr. Watt from just another lamp to a lamp that provides a connection, emotional support, and makes empathy and happiness a design feature!

Designers: Norbert Schlotter & DesignNest

Click Here to Buy Now: $37 $50 (25% off). Hurry, only 47/100 left!

Mr. Watt – Buddy that Brightens Your Day

Mr.Watt is a playful, customizable, dimmable desk lamp with a rotatable head to point light where it’s needed.

Cat and Dog

Mother and Father

Boy and Girl

Powerful Eyes

Mr. Watt eyes are the light source, made with 2 high performance LED puck lights of 180 lumens. These LEDs are made to last, and designed so that they can be changed easily when needed.

Rotatable Head

Mr.Watt’s head can rotate 360 degree horizontally and 60 degree vertically. So, you can smoothly rotate the head to your preferred position, pointing light where it’s needed. This also allows me to express my emotions. Based on the direction Mr.Watt can look happy, sad, curious, or even shy.

Unique Switch

Tap Mr.Watt’s head to turn on the lights. Tap again to turn the lights off. The capacitive sensor in the head recognizes your touch. That means you only have to touch the head, with no need for twisting or turning. Rest your hand on the head and it will either dim or brighten the lights. And when you turn Mr.Watt off and back on, it will remember your previous light setting.


You can change Mr.Watt’s clothes, hairstyle, put on accessories to add a personal touch, reflecting your character or personality.


Click Here to Buy Now: $37 $50 (25% off). Hurry, only 47/100 left!