This jet-black cabin uses razor-sharp angles to create the ideal 007 getaway!

STIPFOLD, an architecture and design studio, develops projects that are meant to ignite your curiosity. Driven by the pursuit of singularity and the advancement of technology, the studio’s aim during the creation process is to construct buildings that leave an emotional mark, even if any given design doesn’t exactly match your style. Born out of a 6-hour long sketch period, Blackbird, STIPFOLD’s latest project does just that.

Blackbird is a getaway cabin that exists as “a place to be by oneself.” The getaway cabin, an angular structure of black mass combined with tinted glass and a jagged, haphazard display of metal beams, resembles a spaceship that can land in any environment. As conceptualized, Blackbird has landed in a Georgian forest clearing, amidst dense fog and textured pine trees, where it appears right at home. From the outside, below a white, cloudy sky, Blackbird’s asymmetrical frame has a tough exterior constructed from metal to provide a sense of security. Meant to dissolve the barrier between nature and the interior, the tinted glass windows evoke a feeling of privacy, like a lookout that allows its residents to remain hidden while scanning their surroundings.

STIPFOLD remains committed to blurring boundary lines in order to create unified spaces that permeate all of their designs. The same is true for Blackbird. Inside the getaway cabin, the different rooms seamlessly merge with one another, being only visually separated by means of interior design. The kitchen and resting area share the same room, but are separated by the kitchen’s island and resting area’s fireplace. Sharing the same exhaust hood, the kitchen’s aluminum-clad island merges effortlessly with the open fireplace. While the exterior of Blackbird works to ward off unwanted visitors, the interior welcomes all else with natural wood elements transparent, floor-to-ceiling glass pane windows.

Designer: STIPFOLD

Following a 6-hour long sketch, Blackbird was conceptualized.

The getaway cabin comes equipped with a parking spot and a roofed outdoor patio.

The jet black angles of Blackbird provide a sense of security against the brush of the forest.

Room barriers dissolve into one another inside Blackbird, creating one unified space.