This Tesla Origami concept is the sci-fi blend of Cybertruck and NASA rover!

Origami is more than just an intriguing form of art, it’s a scientific methodology that forms shapes of the most aesthetic nature while being structurally strong. That was the inspiration for transportation design student Jaeheon Lee from the Chung Ang University, South Korea to create the Tesla Origami concept car that breaks the barriers of automotive design as far as form and function are concerned. Adapting the elements of Tesla’s Cybertruck frame, SpaceX’s Mars colonizing dreams, and NASA’s Mars rover – the concept design is straight out of a sci-fi future.

Retaining the cardinal points for the overall structural design of the vehicle, Lee envisions it to be a renewable energy powered car – again having origami-inspired solar panels on the rear that expand to harness the sun’s energy when the vehicle is parked. Set sometime in the distant future where we will be able to freely scout the surface of planets in our solar system, the Tesla Origami concept car comes with a reinforced exoskeleton body for rigidity and airless tires to adapt to the terrain. The ultra-sharp design of this futuristic concept is well balanced with the fat tires, giving the four-wheeler a distinct appeal that’s truly unmatchable.

Another standout feature of the Tesla Origami is the deformable front and back panels that make it ideal for camping since luggage and tents can be hauled in the extra space. The interior is as futuristic as the exterior with four-way facing lounge seats and display panels. Minimal charter of the vehicle is reflected in the all-glass body panel covering the top section of the car, lending it a cool aura. It has to be said that Lee has put a lot of thought into conceptualizing this concept, and the result is absolutely stunning!

Designer: Jaeheon Lee