An Alternative to a Television?


Projectors are usually used as a temporary ‘screen’ for sharing memories with family or immersing yourself in a film, but the Lumo projector does things a little differently…

Aimed at single-person households where space may be limited and moving abodes frequently is common, Lumo is designed to replace the television altogether; research showed that the occupants of this type of household rely on their phone, laptop and desktop as opposed to a TV, but their limited size can make things uncomfortable or unenjoyable.

Thanks to its considered design and lamp-like form, it’s not a projector that needs to be hidden when it’s not being used, and this makes Lumo’s party trick possible, the display is always on even if the television is not; based on lifestyle patterns and personal interests, daily information and personalised contents is always displayed on the wall!

Designers: Jinju Choo, Soyoung Lee, Seonghyeok Youn & Sooyoung Choi




The power indicator lights up when activated to provide the experience of turning on the lamp.


Lumo is capable of 360-degree projection with a vertically rotatable stand and horizontally rotatable upper part. You can also easily position the screen on the wall with voice command.


Lumo has a hidden ventilation designed to prevent the heat by efficiently circulating the air up and down.

Daily information and personalized contents are always on the wall or the ceiling. This not only considers the multi-content consumption experience, but also breaks the boundary between the wall and screen thus considering the interior effect of the home projector.

When you enter the Lumo Launcher by mobile, Music, Video, and Photo screen changes to smartphone homescreen. This allows users to access daily information and personalized contents seamlessly.

Lumo recommends customized contents in three categories: schedule, history, and usage pattern. Therefore, Lumo allows users to consume a variety of content seamlessly and makes a better content consumption life.