Lego SO real, you’ll want to drive it


If you haven’t checked out the LEGO Technic website recently, then I highly recommend getting on it! There are some remarkable models (mostly automotive) to be built that are without a doubt shelf-worthy once completed. With that, comes another addition recently announced in the form of the two-in-one Mack Truck Set.

So what do I mean by two-in-one? Well, the original truck-and-trailer can be assembled, then disassembled and rearranged to form a Mack Dump Truck from the same pieces. Looking at the two results, it seems almost impossible considering not a single part looks misplaced or from a different set. If you are serious about LEGO, then you’ll be serious about keeping an eye out for this guy who is set to release in the middle of next year.

Designer: LEGO Technik