This credit card sized tool with 15+ functions is a wallet-friendly EDC that keeps you ready for any adventure!

Go shopping for an everyday carry or outdoor multitool and you’ll find hundreds of them touting compact size tagged along with a multitude of usage. However finding one that fits the bill when it comes to ultra-compact nature, functioning as an everyday carry as well as an outdoor multitool is a rarity that would be on everyone’s wishlist. After all who wants to carry a set of different tools in their backpack on a camping or hiking trip to the mountains? The TACTICA M.020 Camping Tool Card is the novelty you want to always have in your wallet for the multitude of uses it brings to the fore.

Ideal for adventure seekers who want to carry as little gear as possible, the multitool has a surprisingly great combo of minimal size (about that of a credit card) and more than 15 functions that come really handy for people who hike, camp, or go for an unexpected adventure quite often. TACTICA M.020 is made from a single-piece of super-tough Grade-5 titanium or 420 stainless steel (depending on the one you choose). Well suited for any tasks at home or in the outdoors this tool includes functions like – a sundial, screwdriver, rope tensioner with finger pulls, saw blade for cutting, pry bar, metric ruler for measuring, fire starter courtesy the removable ferrocerium striker rod, tent peg puller for camping in a jiffy, can opener for home use, and bottle opener for times when you desperately need one!

The USP of this everyday carry multitool is the fact that you can keep it with you at all times – in your wallet or your everyday backpack without ever knowing it is even there. Eventually, when you need to use the tool, it is handy enough to help you out seamlessly – anytime, anywhere!

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