This smart indoor garden uses hydroponics to grow vegetables while matching your modern home!

With the pandemic leaving most of us to our own devices, some of us knew we had no choice but to get good at cooking. My spice cabinet is overflowing because of it. Getting more and more familiar with herbs and the punch they pack in flavorful dishes, the popularity of horticulture has also increased. More and more people are installing indoor garden systems into their homes because they provide an easy, accessible way to bring the flavor of fresh herbs to every dinner plate. Grobo Premium is one such indoor garden system that utilizes smart technology and hydroponics to harvest vegetables and herbs inside the comfort of your own home.

Since Grobo Premium is a smart garden system, the weight of having to learn about horticulture is lifted from the user’s shoulders. All that’s required for plant cultivation with Grobo is planting the initial seed and filling/draining the water as the days go by. Since hydroponics generally takes a more hands-free approach to gardening, the makers behind Grobo Premium chose it for their smart indoor garden system. Hydroponics is a type of horticulture that grows vegetables and herbs without soil, opting instead for mineral-rich solutions, oxygen, and water to cultivate plant life.

Once the user plants the initial seed, an eleven-liter water tank that rests at Grobo’s bottom feeds the seed with water while a nutrient-dosage unit balances out the pH levels to achieve optimal sprouting conditions. Inside Grobo’s main body, dual intake fans keep the amount of air balanced for the plants to then grow towards the eight LED lights that provide ample sunlight and energy. Through an accompanying app, Grobo allows you to track your plant’s progress so even when you’re away, you can always come back home to fresh herbs and vegetables for dinner.

Designer: Grobo

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