Is This The Future Of Hand Baggage?

The scene is this; you’re a weary traveler, jet-lagged and waiting to catch your connecting flight. You need rest and sleep pods & Business Class Lounges are out of your reach. The thing with airports and highly sensitive places is that the threat of terror-attacks and medical influences is surreal. So peace of mind while catching 40 winks can be a problem. According to Anna, the solution is to carry an emotionally secure object…much like the teddy bear from childhood. In this case it’s the Polo Backpack. It comes with pillows and a sleep-cover, to provide you the emotional security you’d like while resting. I’m not a fan of covering my face while sleeping, even with a netted cover as this, but if it’s the kinda reassurance you’re looking for, then who am I to complain.

Designer: Anna Perugini