Mindplar: Designed Differently!

Kickstarter success stories seem to be very heart-warming, but the truth of the matter is that there is a great amount of sweat, blood and tension expended, just to get the finished products out to the backers. Mindplar’s story is no different than this, however they have managed to sustain and emerge as design studio that has carved their own path. The DEFENDE & ELITE are two awesome bumpers for the iPhone that are designed differently and boast impeccable lineage.

Mindplar Mantra: Design Differently, Good Quality

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqn45zm1zI8 600 451]

DEFENDE is a bumper that is ultra-hard & ultra-lightweight, crafted from 6061 aluminum alloy of aerospace material with precision CNC machining. The power, mute and volume control buttons have fine detail design. Interestingly, the i+case is also designed as a hanging ornament, adding a dash of oomph. Mindplar has used high quality, state of the art laser engraving and is design for iPhone5 and 5s use.

ELITE – Understated Glamour

The ELITE is also crafted with the ultra-hard and ultra-light 6061 aluminum, and it features a plastic cover to protect the back of iPhone from the elements.

Essentially, the Mindplar story simply inspires to keep going and growing, despite the adversities we may face. Like most startups they faced financial issues and supply-chain issues. Money was resolved using Kickstarter, but the rest needed to be aligned. I think the bigger picture in all of this is that as designers, we need to continue to continue to develop and grow, despite the challenges we face. In short, kudos to the DEFENDE & ELITE!