This smart home-security camera guards your house without sending data to Amazon or Google

The idea of the camera-based smart-doorbell started with a small company that pitched on Shark Tank before being acquired by Amazon. The idea of a VR headset was born the same way. In a small company that then was acquired by Facebook. You don’t need to be a big giant to have big ambitions, and the likelihood of a good idea coming from a small company rather than a big one is just really high. Meet the HeimVision Assure B1, a smart home-security system that’s functional, wireless, weather-resistant, voice-operated, and costs a mere $79.

The HeimVision Assure B1 is a culmination of a lot of good ideas into one, neat package. It’s a CCTV, but works as a two-way audio teleconferencing device too. It runs via an app, but can even be commanded via Alexa, making it simple to use without needing your phone around. The Assure B1’s basic kit (that’s the $79 one) comprises one wireless camera and one central hub that sits within your home. The camera features a tripod-mount for easy installation, and runs on rechargeable AA batteries for a solid 12 months (with the option of hooking it to a solar panel for uninterrupted continuous power). The camera unit is a small, robust little device that weighs a mere 181 grams, but packs a solid punch. It can capture video in 2K Ultra HD with a 130° FoV, and even sports colored night-vision. Fitted within its Stormtrooper-esque white and black body is also a passive infrared sensor that can detect motion as well as identify humans. A built-in floodlight helps illuminate the area at night, potentially scaring away any intruders, while the two-way audio I mentioned earlier lets you converse with people, leaving instructions for your delivery personnel, or letting people at the door know if you’re away. An IP65 rating on the camera means it can practically brave any weather, from sun, rain, and storms to even blizzards.

The camera communicates directly with the hub, which stays connected to your router safely within your home. The hub can communicate with the camera up to distances of 300 ft, covering houses of practically every size. An SD card slot within the hub offers the ability to locally store all your videos, although you get 3 months of free cloud services with your purchase. The Assure B1 is ostensibly an outdoor camera, but could just as easily be used indoors too. The app provides the ability to add familiar faces to its whitelist, so it doesn’t ring the alarm when your kids show up from school or your parents come down to visit. Place the camera indoors and you’ve got yourself a neat surveillance system that also doubles up as a pseudo-Facetime machine (with one-way video), letting you chat with your family in the living room while you’re at work. Lastly, the Assure B1’s most compelling feature is that your video data doesn’t go to companies like Google, Amazon, or Facebook. You can store files locally on the hub, and rest assured knowing that if your internet line is secure (and if you’ve got a VPN), the Assure B1 is protecting you not only from physical intruders, but from digital ones too!

Designer: HeimVision

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HeimVision Assure B1:  All-in-one Smart Security Hub

The Assure B1 security hub features two-way audio and capture video in 2K Ultra HD with a 130° FoV, and even sports colored night-vision. Designed with a smart PIR sensor, it can identify any presence, and the human-figure detection reduces false alerts to save standby time.

Features & Benefits

The security camera also boasts a minimal design that can easily blend with any modern home decor.

Easily detect any suspicious activity around your compounds with the spotlight focused night vision skills of this camera. It can automatically detect motions and will light up if required, in case of an emergency.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $150 (50% off). Hurry, only 6 left!