Unbreakable Hangers

This project goes by the wacky, wild, and fun name “Monkey Hangers” and as you can see by the skillfully photographed image of the muscle man going at one of the pinks with his harsh hands, they’re indestructible. Mark Marzouk of M-Design’s made these Monkey Hangers, resistant to stretched shoulders, sharp edges, and poor materials. With one swoop, Marzouk takes care of another one of our every-day objects left to time to deteriorate. Another step toward perfection in the hanging up of clothing is achieved.

Of course nothing is completely unbreakable, these hangers certainly would be crushed under a street-flattener or if someone decided to dip them in dry ice and smash them into the tabletop. But look, look at how much the man bends. Look at how nice the packaging. What a simple well-put-together product. And so bright!

Designer: Mark Marzouk of M-Design