Bugatti’s modern electric tea kettle is designed to maintain the exact ideal temperature for your tea!

When it comes to coffee and tea, a lot goes into making the perfect cup. Water temperature, steeping time, and water flow all play a part and, if you drink coffee or tea as much I do, you can taste the difference. Selecting the right tea kettle for brewing pour-overs or steeping loose leaf tea can become overwhelming when there are so many options available. With integrated smart technology, the Jacqueline tea kettle, ‘The Jackie’ for short, from Italian lifestyle brand Bugatti, offers both style and efficiency when in need of that cup of tea that’s just right.

Shaped like a stainless steel handbag, Jacqueline is an electric tea kettle that comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to monitor and set the perfect heating conditions for boiling water. Unlike typical electric tea kettles that require just a measly flip of a switch, Jacqueline is laden with smart technology to assure users that a flavorful, hot cup of tea is always just a few moments away. Ditching the light switch, for a smart handle, Jacqueline comes with an interactive, digital display screen that indicates each brew’s water temperature and level as well as a signal that shows whether or not the kettle’s been turned on. In addition to this display screen, Bugatti boasts that Jacqueline can pair with your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, allowing users to operate Jacqueline from a distance through Bugatti’s accompanying app, Bugatti B Chef. Whether you’re reading for hours on end in bed or heading home from a day spent in the cold, with Jacqueline a hot cup of tea can always be waiting for you.

Most of the IoT technology found on Jacqueline is located on the tea kettle’s handle, which is constructed from PCT Tritan. There, users can find Jacqueline’s temperature regulator, which can be adjusted for either Celsius or Fareignheight temperature scales, as well as the kettle’s ‘Keep Warm,’ function which maintains a consistent simmer for as long as three hours. In addition to the kettle’s ‘Keep Warm’ feature, Jacqueline includes a ‘Baby Food/Water,’ setting that cools boiling water down to a temperature suitable for babies. With a body sculpted from 18/10 stainless steel, Jacqueline is as elegant as stainless steel kitchen appliances come, making it appropriate for any modern kitchen. Drawing inspiration from the classic ceramic teapot, Jacqueline strikes the ideal balance between refined contemporary luxury and tried-and-true teamaking tradition.

Designer: Bugatti