A Playtime Piggy Companion for Kids

This witty design will put kids in hog heaven! This creature, called Hausschwein, triples as a ridable toy, storage unit, and sculptural accent that’s right at home in your little one’s playroom.

Made from durable polyethylene plastic, it can withstand endless amounts of playtime. Kids can also remove the nose to use as storage for all kinds of objects from markers to more toys. Both a playful companion for kids and a stylish furniture piece for parents, it lets parents pass on creative taste in the form of design-focused furniture!

Designer: Marcel Wanders


“Adorable little pigs have always captured popular imagination, and the Hausschwein provides the chance to live out this dream in one’s own home,” says designer Marcel Wanders.


“The Hausschwein is designed as a container because with children comes a lot of stuff. Not only is this object fun to fill up, it sits around the house in a beautiful way.”


“All parts of the pig are made using a rotational moulding technique so that there is no wastage of materials. With a matelassé pattern on the pig’s hindquarters, this endearing piggy is a charming addition to any household and a fun friend for the whole family.”