This detachable steam vacuum cleaner + mop was designed to be displayed in your living room!

As a homeowner, my pet peeves include stray cables, gadgets collecting dust when lying on the floor are things kept out of their place. We are constantly looking for things that keep our home squawky clean, and decorative items that go with the décor theme. In most scenarios, the appliances and cleaning tools are kept tucked away from the line of sight as they don’t look as appealing. Won’t it be great if there is an appliance that cleans your home and when not in use it doubles as a decorative object that goes with any interior setting without seeming out of place? Product designer Yang Dong Wook from Seoul, Korea has thought of an appliance called Vase that, while being functional, retains its visual aesthetic value, so that you don’t have to hide it away and would rather want people to take notice of it.

Essentially a steam vacuum to keep all the apparent and hidden corners of your house ultra-clean, the appliance also doubles as a vase to keep with your indoor plants or simply as a decorative in the corner of your bedroom. The water can be filled from the top vase section and the easy one-handed operation in three intensity modes lends this cool appliance a practical approach to deep cleaning tasks. The brush attachment can be hooked onto clean surfaces or hard to reach corners. Once you are done with the cleaning tasks, just place it on the tripod-like wireless charging station and the Vase gets ready for the next cleaning routine. The bottom section of the appliance also functions as a wet mop to clean the floor with the utmost ease. In fact, it has wet mop refills that can be changed once the cleaning tasks are dealt with.

The most intriguing bit of the design is the vase-like water filling opening for steam cleaning tasks. It’s like you’re filling a water vessel and that satisfying sound is simply dope. All-in-all the design is multifunctional and an object that you’ll want to show-off rather than hiding in the closet or the garage.

Designer: Yang Dong Wook