Spicy Hot Book

Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain; all my favorite men will agree with me when I say that it’s the spices that you add to the cooking that make or break the dish. Like most Asians, my kitchen too is stocked up with a variety of spices and I really miss my collection when I’m on vacation, cooking in my holiday-home kitchenette. Anyways, my point is that packing the spices is always a bother, which is why I leave most of them at home, but looks like with the MUJI taste-leaf book I won’t have to compromise on flavors anymore.

This wonderful book actually contains sheets that are embedded with spices. Traditionally we chop and store the flavorings in jars, but this is kinda like the soap-strip! Tear it and use it.

Need some pepper? Just tear out the perforated page and add it to the dish! Edible quality paper embedded with the spice dissolve into the food, adding the much needed flavoring. The moisture and heat ensure that the spices mix in well.

MUJI is a perfect solution for cooking enthusiasts who travel or folks low on kitchen storage space.

Designer: Nick Bampton